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What else you want this country to do for you, for you to accept the fact we are one Nigeria? That whether house man, Igbo man, Yoruba man Tifi man
Fulani man Ijaw man Calaber man Beni man etc man. We are one Nigeria.
Resources found anywhere within the boarder of Nigeria belongs to Ijaw
man, Hausa man, Igbo man, Yoruba man, etc citizen men women and
children of federal republic of Nigeria.

Which one is occupational Nigerian Armed Forces? When juntas were in power your cry
sounds like a case, then junta died Yoruba man come, your cry still
sounds like a case. Yoruba man gone and Hausa man come, your cry still
sound like a case. Then Hausa man gone and your own person come, you
are still crying. Haba! Save innocent Nigerians such shame, I don’t
believe it’s happening exactly the way you presented it here.

Live united nation out of this, human beings lives right next door to you.
They knows what’s up there, and they are not there to kill or oppress
innocent citizens of your communities, they will investigate your
claims that Operation Restore Hope has declared economic war on those
communities by blocking their source of livelihood or contact with
neighboring communities/tribes in Bayelsa and Delta States of Nigeria.
These petrifying maelstroms the people are facing have put them in
acute hunger leading to the death of over 100 persons mostly women,
children and aged ones and several others are contacted with different
kinds of killer diseases”.

If found to be truth, those commissioned or non commissioned officers found committing such act
will be dealt with. Nigeria is a democratic country running by sane
peaceful human beings not animals juntas or killers. Unless you are
referring Abacha era Nigeria, Then you have a case.

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Its quite pathetic and calls for restraint. However, the affected community should help govt in fishing out hooligans and unscrupulous elements within it domain. Accept my sympathy.


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