Tribute to an outstanding lawyer with classical endowment @76 By Raji Bomodeoku 

The national character of every nation is defined by her people, resources and more significantly those assigned to mine national interests at both social-economic fronts.

As the most populated black nation in the world, Nigeria’s history and national experiences were shaped by the collective commitment of institutions, groups and individuals.

These individuals mostly emerged on different interests and orientations into systems of governance and public civility at various levels of national engagement. While a large bloc of these groups and individuals were consumed by the aura of their responsibilities through an appaling abuse of public trust , a micro group of nationalists remains steadfast to the national breakthroughs of our nation and remained unchanged with the paraphernalia of the public responsibilities in their care. The unique talent and time spent by this ‘’micro group’’ over the course of national responsibility distinguished them as indicative standards for propelling any nation to prosperity.

Thinking from the perspective of history among the micro group is ‘’Olabode Wilfred Olajumoke’’, an Ondo born Former Federal Civil Servant, veteran Lawyer, lawmaker, Philantropist and a Scout leader; who was preciously gifted to his Imeri parents of Emaloko clan , a yoruba speaking community in Ondo State today 76 years ago. His father was late Natalia Omeselu Olajumoke , a retired civil servant who also worked at the Nigerian Raillways. His late mother was Elizabeth Oyerolawe Omoselu, a mother who understood what Olabode did not say.

Bode Olajumoke had his primary education at St Mathew primary school, Imeri. He holds an LL.M PH.D Law from Moscow and Edinbhurg and B.L. from the Nigerian Law School. After over 24 years of cognate working Commitments in the Federal Civil Service where he retired. He joined the cause of expanding the abyss of a greater Nigeria at the Nation’s Senate where he made remarkable commitments to the cause of advancing the national legislative priorities of the new democratic dispensation in 1999.

Superitending on these two sensitive public responsibilities was a testimony and a clear manifestation of his expressed understanding of public ethos ; his choice was endorsed naturally by mostly youths with whom he has served pre-eminently as a scout leader. Olajumoke who became an house hold name in Nigeria had an outstanding journey in every public duty, inspiring a clear and unified approach to governance through self discipline and keeping process -integrity.

He is what novelist Jeffery Archer would theatrically describe as the “First Among Equals,’ but has never been consumed by the aura and paraphernalia of his office. His mission and focus from the outset was how to serve his fatherland perfectly by bringing out the best in available material and human resources at his disposal to curb the numbing Nigeria State through teaching disciplined lifestyle that leaves a lasting memory in everyone that came across him.

Professionally as a Lawyer, Olajumoke’s advocacy clearly distinguish him as a genius whose publications inspire deep thinking and actions especially on socio-political themes.

He believes strongly that the cause of justice can be effectively served by ensuring the principles of liberty, due process and freedom of people and nations.

Olajumoke’s patriotic leadership began from cradle as a member of the Boys Scout movement where scouting prepared him to be a leader of character,discipline and courageous belonging. His halo-effects began to rob positively on the World Organization of Scout Movement (WOSM), the world’s largest educational youth movement with over 50million young people globally especially on the African sub-region, who occasionally also craved for his wise counsels to surmount Scouting problems in their countries. He was elected at the General assembly of the movement in august 2018 as the Vice Chairperson, National Scout Board of Nigeria Scouts.

Olajumoke, a gentleman who consistently adorns himself in friendly, youngish and inviting outlooks founded the Mission to save the helpless (MITOSATH) a humanitarian NGO incorporated in march 1996 with the mission of promoting health development, reliefs on poverty and deprivation ; particularly fighting tropical diseases among the under-priviledged.

Olajumoke postured himself before the other fraternal brothers battling the same cause in the service of humanity through sponsorship of people with special needs, scouting volunteerism and fending for orphans through his doctrine of in-locu-parentis.

What astounded his subordinates infinitely was his flexibility and eagerness to accept worthwhile suggestions, reforms or innovations that were capable of improving the Nigerian Society whilst keeping extraordinary commitment to every cause of positive national action.

As a symbol of extreme sense of integrity, Olajumoke never joked with time when it came to casual and statutory appointments, he was always ahead of scheduled appointments and kept the purpose of every appointment, timely and scrupulous.

As you celebrate another auspicious occasion of your new age, we rededicate ourselves to your footprints and other values led by you.

As a nation, we remain grateful for your humanitarian services and huge investment in enabling the under-priviledged to have a better life.

Raji Bomodeoku is a public health practitioner, Agric Consultant and a Scout Leader.

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