By Olayinka Latona
LAGOS — The Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos, His Eminence, Anthony Cardinal Okogie, has advocated a female president for Nigeria, saying their male counterparts who had been ruling in the past had failed.

The cleric who spoke during the dedication ceremony of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Lagos Island, said: “I would love to see a woman ascend up there as the president of this country because those women who have been in the position of power did not fail the nation apart from one or two but you can count numerous men who have failed us and they refuse to go. Please we are looking out for a change.”

Cardinal Okogie also expressed doubt over the ability of the present administration to conduct a free and fair election as the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, would work in a way that would favour the president. According to him: “I was shocked when I heard that the president is going for the election, to me it is very wrong.

I know he is going to win because they will do it in a way that he will win and we are talking of free and fair election in the country. INEC and election tribunal will say this is our own man. And the question of free and fair election with Jega or no Jega, as for me Okogie, I will tell you that I don’t have 50 per cent trust in this election. People are already complaining even when the election has not taken place.”

Okogie stressed that those who wanted to lead or rule should be ready to serve with all humility and not to be served by the people.

The cleric also decried  billions of naira set aside for both the forth coming general election and celebration of Nigeria 50th year anniversary. Cardinal Okogie lamented that the nation is wallowing in poverty and the federal government is spending billions of naira on celebration and election while the nation’s economy is going down the drain. He argued that the nation can only celebrate life because God has kept the country together as one since 1960.

In his words “ We are talking of 50th year anniversary, apart from God keeping us together as one and the oil what else do we have to be proud of, there is still abject poverty everywhere. Nigeria only have to celebrate life at least a dead man can not celebrate life and also for the unity of this country”.

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hypocrite,why did the cardinal not sugest woman priest,Bishops,popes.
that might help clean up the church and bring back the good old

Bridget Nzeribe said:
Good one.they should allow a woman to have a taste of the number one citizen of this great nation,then we can see the difference it's going to make.women equally have the right to rule a nation.


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