The ikemba nnewi has assured IBB of his support and that of the igbos everywhere.

"He is my friend' he says!

I would like to say that he is not my friend and ojukwu does not nor has he spoken for me or any of mine for a while.

While he is entitled to his opinion, he should leave the impoverished igbo people out of this.

His time and whatever influence he has will be better employed in getting igbo governors to emulate the fasholas of lagos and the amaechis of rivers. 

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The Ikemba is at it again. "Retain Iwu" ??? "Accept IBB"???? definitely there is nothing good coming from our dear Old man Ikemba. I am sure the Igbo people wont be as dumb as to accept this selfish invitation to chaos. The irresponsible behaviours of Obasanjo had proved that Old soldiers like IBB has nothing but destruction in their feeble minds. The man IBB has no human compassion, an unrepentant murderer, and a vicious dictator who has no regard for democracy except to use it as platform for his second looting spree. Is that the person the Ikemba wants for Nigerians again??? I ask Igbo people to cover this man's mouth from now on because he seems to have nothing but annoying things to tell Nigerians especially the igbo people that he claims to lead. Sir, how much were you paid or what did IBB promise you?.....In 2007, this same man Ikemba followed Buhari around like a puppy dog hoping to move Buhari to his camp, until he was neatly dropped and embarrassed by the same Buhari. Now its IBB he wants to go with? Soldiers Soldiers Soldiers...WHY ???? We want real leaders and not khaki thugs. OJUKWU ENDORSES IBB ....what a travesty !!!
ok! interesting , is IBB really thinking he has a shot of wining ? he needs to think and please people do not compare Lagos state and other improving state with IBB?
@olubunmi. The whole point of winning elections in Nigeria is not about the person the people want to vote for. The reality is that big money bags like IBB will buy the Presidency with their stolen loot. Then he will surely recover all his expenses back to his bank account AFTER becoming president GOD FORBID bad thing. So if care is not taken and shallow minds like these people calling for IBB to run end up influencing the public, they therefore make it even easier for misfits like IBB to ascend to power again.

Igbo people should learn to reject bad leaders just like we Yorubas wont ever support rogue leaders like OBJ, Bode George etc etc. You dont follow somebody blindly I repeat. In 1999, Obasanjo lost in Ogun State, his home state not to mention his big losses in Ondo, Ekiti, and Lagos states. How can any responsible leader be asking Nigerians to bring back IBB, a well known domestic terrorist? I wonder for Ikemba o.
Please y'all, read and tell me what you think...
Interesting reading.
Does pose some questions really, but no more than we have asked ourselves before.
I cannot however buy the argument that the world would be better off without religion knowing exactly that religious considerations have been responsible for keeping me on "the straight and narrow path".
Like the man said, only one side will win the argument, and just in case he is wrong, i want to dine in paradise with Christ when his kingdom comes, even science can prove the sense in this stance!

edward chike said:
Please y'all, read and tell me what you think...


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