Oil subsidy what is the gain and if is totally removed what is the lost or gain.

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but how do we  achieve all this, MAY GOD BE OUR HELPER, notwithstanding we must keep campagining because some of our leaders are un tortulage.

Lawrence Adeboye said:
Huh Engr S.....................i think this is the right time we need to team up together and say no to 'gedujara' politicians who has nothing to offer this nation but they only enriched their pocket and left poor masses suffering.


wht the masses need now is to stop thier docility and fight these rouges.

My question still remains, ls it only when they remove d subsidy that they will be able 2 provide infrastructure? Fine, what happened to d money budgeted 4 infrastructures over d years? What is d assurance dt d proceeds from d subsidy will not end d same way? My submission is dt our govt is insincere. They had beter come up with a plausible reason 4 removing d subsidy or they should review the functioning of d system and then put a mechanism in place 2 monitor its effectiveness, 4 d sake d poor masses.
The problem we have in Nigeria is that we are governed by very lazy and selfish/selfcentered individuals.1. Government is not telling us the truth about anything,moreso the subsidy thing. 2.We do not trust them because they have always hurt us with thier lies and go free.3.If they are actually losing a lot of money subsidicing oil in this country,and they feel that they cannot continue to sustain the economy,cant they think out other ways to make running the government moderately.Cant they the public officers cut down thier spending,cant they cut down on expenses of running the government.Why should the poor always to play the scape goat.4.We all know the level of corruption in this country,and who and who will keep the custody of the monies that will fall out without it going to individual pockets ,and used to actually do the needful.NIGERIANS MUST NOT REMAIN DOCILE.LET US USE THE NEW INFORMATION BILL ACT TO FIGHT THESE ROUGUES.INVOKE THE NEW LAWS PLZZZ.NIGERIAN JOURNALISTS ARE FAILING ON THIS NEW LAW.WE MUST EVOKE IT NOW AND ASK FOR A LOT OF INFORMATION IN NNPC ETC.


I think the salvaging of this country now should be in the hand of youths.If they remain docile and keep sagging thier trousers and wearing sexy dresses and smoking marijuana, doing yahoo yahoo, then these guys and thier children will one day enslave them and employ them as house helps etc.THIS IS THE TIME TO FIGHT AND BANISH CORRUPTION ETC FROM OUR GOD GIVEN LAND, BLESSED WITH EVERYTHING LIVING MAN WILL EVER NEED.

I wish the youths can stand up to fight for their right


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