Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is once again making headline news, and as always his outbursts which he alone knows the secret draws outrage and condemnation by eminent Nigerians. The former President said recently that the third term agenda was not really his idea, it was the members of the House of Representatives who championed the whole project he said. When the news was first reported, some Nigerians must have thought that OBJ has now turned into a comedian and so they did not pay it any mind. As some former members of the house of representatives are opening up about the botched third term bid and all the political manoeuvre that ensued, maybe the time to set the record straight has come. Nigerians know now that former president Obasanjo through his handiman Mr James Ibori distributed 50million Naira to each of the members of the National Assembly so that they will make his third term dream come true. Nigerians are weeping as these events are unfolding. A sitting president dipping his hand into the National purse to pursue his self centered interest, unbelievable! you may say. These facts are known to the anti-corruption agencies like the EFCC and the rest, yet nobody raised an eyebrow, now OBJ through his recent interview is saying it loud and clear to Nigeria, 'IN YOUR FACE!' guess what? as you're reading this he is still walking free on the streets of Nigeria recieving chietaincy titles here and there. Hear this, in any decent society, former president Obasanjo should be standing trial to defend the allegation levelled against him, but Nigeria is far from being a decent society. On the other hand, in a society of men with intergrity, former president Obasanjo should be making a formal complaints against these former officials who are pointing accusing fingers on his direction, again, save your breath, the word intergrity don't exist in Nigerian political dictionary. Here in France, former President Jacques Chirac was recently put on trial for some fictitious employment of members of his staff when he was the Mayor of Paris, these are acts that were committed more than two decades ago. The main point of the trial is to make it clear that no one is above the law no matter your social standing. Former President Obasanjo should be called up to clear his name from these allegations. In a few days other news headlines will take the place of this great scandal of the highest order and Nigerians will just zap-on. The Nigerian press should not let this story die a premature death. The press should do its own investigation to uncover, name and shame all the members of the former house of Assembly who recieved the money shared by Mr Ibori. It is now obvious that wherever there are millions of Naira, you'll find Nigerian politicians. Who knows, maybe a Greater Power has noticed Nigerians through their cries and decided to throw its former political oppressors into total confusion and name calling. Nigeria will be the winner when they will be summoned by the courts to give account of their actions while in official positions. There is time for everything says the Good Book!

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