its like the chicken is coming home to roost. rather than condemning without reservations the dastardly act of boko haram, the ACF in a recent communique is rather heaping the blame on the federal government. the argument that the FG should neogiate with the sect is mischievious. you do not negotiate with terrorrists. Boko Haram have made it publicly clear that there is no alternative to the islamisation of nigeria. they have pointedly made it clear that for them there is no going back until this objective is achieved. one therefore asks on what basis should the federal government dialogue? over to you ACF.

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Negotiation is a lame approach. I wonder whether the government will discuss with Boko Haram. Will it agree to have the country Islamized?  Well the issue of islamization is a smoke screen.  The agitation is more politican than religious.


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