Not Again !! Victony Undergoes a Second Surgery

Rapper Victony is set to undergo a second surgery as a follow up to his early surgery in 2021

Recall that the musician had suffered  injuries from a terrible car accident in the early hours of April 26 alongside some of his friends.

The  rapper disclosed this to his fans on his  Twitter handle as he wrote "Surgery 2 today"

Reacting to his tweet, his fans took  time to pray for him and wished him a successful surgery.

@TaiwoAhmed19 wrote "Successful surgery brudda May d Gd lord be with you"
@r_stylist101 wrote "Bruh chill okay,the Almighty is there before,we are in the month Ramadan,God will send down is Angel to guard and lead you through the Surgery,so bruh God is ur strength,with him everything will go smooth in sha Allah we all go congratulate and celebrate with you"

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