I have this notion that ladies of Northern extractions are more homely than those in the Southern part of Nigeria, and hence, could make better wives. Few yrs ago in Nigeria,I know of two of my kinsmen who married hausa ladies, and are very happy and even tel how good their wives are. I'm thinking of relocating to the North-a place that is safe enough like Kaduna-when I come back to Nigeria soon. I'm so much afraid of having a nagging woman as wife. I have seen xperiences, both of my friends and others who regrets marrying their once admirable girls. Pls,I believe I don't know all and would welcome ur contributions.

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Thanks to all my good friends for ur contributions. I have made some adjustments about my notion to a more better position.
You may now begin to change your mind about them, because you may end up having a protesting and violent family.  God forbid.

Charles Ugochukwu Okere said:
Mavos, good women abound every where.  Even in that place you are risiding, you can get a dozens of them who are marriable, homely, loving and well nutured.  It all depends on what you want.  Before I conclude, I need to remind you that the north has the highest rate of divorce cases in Nigeria. 


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