North ern Youths Protest Presidential Election Results !

The post election violence in some parts of the north is clearly misunderstood by most Nigerians, prior to the elections, there has been this campaign of "ONE MAN, ONE VOTE"  and If the slogan is to be followed to its logical conclusion, it means every body has a right to just ONE VOTE, The Protesters, Their Leaders and any other person(s) attacked in the process


Now if the angry youths' votes could not swing the presidential election in their favour, then it means they have been playing politics of deceit  else why would they attack a man with ONE VOTE, when its obvious YOU the attacker also had ONE ? 


For attacking their leaders, to me it seems they had presumed or they had actually wanted their leaders to rig the election in their faviour which the leaders failed to do.  THAT IS THE CAUSE OF THESE ATTACKS ON THE NORTHERN LEADERS. They felt dissappointed and as such, they launched assault on their once respected leaders, emirs and the Vice President, its the height of indiscipline, and the perpetrators of this dastardly must be brought to book to avoid a future occurence.

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That is the casuse of the violence in the North.  But they cannot change anything.  Buhari has lost the election.


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