Abia State is in trouble. It is a shame that in the land of the blind, one eyed man is a king. Imagine a Governor who did nothing, will do nothing, has done nothing and will never do anything.I believe sincerely that election was rigged. I cannot believe that a sane man or woman in Abia State will vote for T.A. Orji. THIS IS A SHAME.

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I share your sentiments to the letter. i hope he tortures them even more in the coming four years to waken up their dead spirits. I can't imagine how a vote for anybody else wouldn't have been better than this. Well as they say, a people get the leader they deserve, Abia state is welcome to their 'ochendo' WHAT A LAUGH!
The people of God's own state should borrow a leaf from their brothers in Imo state in other elections.  For now it is too late to cry.
This is your opinion , others may have a contrary opinion.


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