the proposed strike by NLC/TUC on monday is ill advised,ill timed & amounts to playing to the gallary. removal of fuel subsidy will help govt to raise money in funding other sectors of the economy.why fight this policy when its intensions are clear & the prospects promising,or is there any hidden agenda.

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 I think I support you wholeheartedly. I have a similar speech for removal of fuel subsidy on

That is it, let Nigerians give little entrustment of the funds to the leaders and what best they can offer.

We are all in support of the removal even though the effects are not savory at all but our fear has always been the management of the money that will accrue from the removal.  If the money is judiciously managed, then the hope and aspirations of the common man will be met.  But if it gets into private pockets as usual, then we are into bigger trouble.


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