Nigerians are said 2 be d most resilient people in d world. This has come 2 bear in d way they got adjusted 2 d fallouts i.e difficulties occasiond by subsidy rmoval. What else can haples poor masses do?

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What one cannot help must be endured.  Every average Nigerian grew up in hardship.  So it has become part of our daily living.

Bridget I appreciate your concern, but I want you to realize that Nigerians have grown thick skin to hardship.

Bridget Nzeribe said:

Charles,l disagree with you....for how long are we going to endure this unending torture?lt's time we say NO to all these babaric attitudes from our leaders.

Here is not Liberia, the world cannot carry the load of refugees of 160 million people, and you are contributing from away. please everyone should read or reread the novel by George Orwell "THE ANIMAL FARM". Foreigners will use you to destroy what they have managed to put in place for us and at the same time siphon our oil and other resources. pray for your country and work harder. participate in political activities, learn from their wickedness and become better than them....


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