Some strikes are masterminded to discredit the Government. The New Nigeria with President Goodluck Jonathan is too young for such pressure,We should all give him time to actualize his plans for the nation.The president knows the problem the masses are facing and will be taken care of with time. I still maintain that striking is not the solution rather a treat to life and National development.

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Gej is meeting disgraced former governor of Delta state.Pdp specialised in rigging many states has pdp rigged and lost in the court.thats why the pdp planned zoning to steal the vote as usual.Nigerians are wiser.Adamu ciroma and his gang will fail,these other fanatics will fail.i'm calling all Nigerians to use their votes wisely and don't allow themselves to be fooled by pdp and their gangters
the man God has chosen,God's spokesman ur boss's party pdp have first class in rigging election. get ready to rig again. u are wasting ur time.let Nigerians decide.Stop this God's choice nonsense.some people like u worked for OBJ 3rd term and failed.Nigerian's won't be fooled again. man of God tell PDPto repent and make restitution.thats what ur bible says.restore what they have stolen.
@Ndu, God uses human beings to deliver his message to the world and I think God is using Leonard Eke to make Nigerians understand that Goodluck Jonathan is the chosen one,no sentiment attached. We should not take his message for granted! We all know that PDP is the ruling party and will continue to rule Nigeria that I bet you. If I remember correctly Leonard Eke clarified the issue of ONE FIFTY MILLION MATCH FOR PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN as a brand in other words overwhelming support for the president,not that one fifty million will be voting for the president just to put your friend Sodiq Bolaji Q on the know.
Thanking you Omo Ibo for speaking the truth and supporting the right person. Nigerians must not listen or be deceived by critics. You can never satisfy them no matter how hard you try but my assurance is we will surely prove them wrong.
omo ibo,answer this question.PDP did they rig elections? u are too ashamed to admit that ur party is made up of crooks who steal votes to rule.
Ndu, As far as I know PDP is not INEC and did not rig any election. Should there be any miscalculation blame it on INEC officials not a political party. Besides people are bond to make mistakes if you are exceptional throw your stone.Maybe if you are appointed INEC commissioner you would do worst than this we have seen it happened in the past wont call names. Are you a saint?
another excuse,blame inec.u pdp monsters have no shame at all.since 2003 pdp has been trown out of 4-5 shame
Chris,lets be honest and face the fact,now tell Nigerians who you think is the ideal candidate best suited for the office?
i was a big fan Gej when he was made vp. But since he came to power his pace has been too slow.power shortage is worse now.back to ur question b/w him and Ibb,Atiku at the election i'll vote for Gej.he is better than those in pdp.but if another party candidate offer change i can trust i'll go for him.i don't work for any particular candidate,we need change for the better not partisan politics
We are on it again!


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