Some strikes are masterminded to discredit the Government. The New Nigeria with President Goodluck Jonathan is too young for such pressure,We should all give him time to actualize his plans for the nation.The president knows the problem the masses are facing and will be taken care of with time. I still maintain that striking is not the solution rather a treat to life and National development.

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i am sure nobody want ds strick,but i sugest that they go ahead with d strick.becos saying dat goodluck's adminstration is to young 4 ds pressure is not agreed, why? Becos He was d former vice president so he knows how d game is being played. Last yr Asuu went on strick, he was dr then wat did he do about it nothing. Now again d same issue had arisen, let him do it now if he really wants a chance in 2011.
This one is a little bit tricky because of the shenanigan involved.But we must note that labour unions calculate their strikes based on political perception.Obviously we know that Goodluck is looking for goodwill since his rating is not as stunning as when he first came because of a lot of issues.The handling of this strike will serve as a Litmus test.We will know the depth of desperation and the desire for power if we watch the level to which he compromises with the union.So lets see what unfolds.
Good people of Nigeria, The president is working tirelessly to resolve labor issue but the problem is when a strike is masterminded to discredit any Government the Labor Union takes it beyond the reach of the Government.
ur lame defence of this govt is funny,u can't blame them for anything.forgetting Gej has been in this govt since 2007.what effort has he made to resolve this.he is the best in pdp,am afraid he might not be the best for the country.his economic policies is a disaster.look at our finances he makes Obj look like a saint.God help us
I agree with you. Strike is the last thing we need now that the president is making spirited efforts to move the nation forward. He rather needs the support of the labour unions and not the other way round.
jonathan should be comitted to his promises. He did promise labour on democracy day dat the minimum wage implmentation will start by july 2010. Five months later he is calling for re-negotiation. I think the strike will get his attention to this issue

Charles Ugochukwu Okere said:
I agree with you. Strike is the last thing we need now that the president is making spirited efforts to move the nation forward. He rather needs the support of the labour unions and not the other way round.
Hello Jonathans',
Your comments posted all this while, has discredited Jonathan's efficiencies. Your lame defense has proven he is not fit for the pressure of the Nigerian's catastrophe yet campaigning for him for another four years.Your campaign speeches is not brilliant enough to convince Nigeria. From the beginning, Your 150million merges charades has disqualified the whole of Jonathan and Jonathans' ambition and services in the government.

Part of failures you embraced, you should know your contenders and his members are among the 150millions. You went ahead displaying trash. Like it indicates that two heads are better than one (1). You told us he still young for what he is facing. Why can't you join heads together to yield solution for Nigeria's problem rather than suspecting people here and there that is being masterminded. Let us talk the talk and stop exploring your nostalgic sickness.

Get this straight to him (your boss). You rather do something rather than saying many things or else you will confirm him doomed to fail.

May God deliver Nigerians from these ridiculous and unproductive leaders (Amen).


Ideal realist speaks.
@Sodiq Bolaji Q, Mention the candidate you know that is best suited for the office other than President Goodluck Jonathan. One big mistake people make when they speak in public is they have the wrong purpose in mind.
reference to Sodiq Bolaji Q's comment on NIGERIA MUST KNOW THIS:Whoever that does not support Goodluck Jonathan does not want the progress of our country Nigeria.
Leonard,You are 100% correct that is exactly what is happening in Nigeria and they will not succeed.
youth forum,who ever does not support Gej is enemy of Nigeria,very soon u and ur fellow fanatics will say whoso ever that will not campaign for Gej will be kicked out of Nigeria.a popular president will not need people like u to embark on this rubbish something else
it’s wrong to just discard opinions we don’t agree with. Try to find something you can learn from them. Maybe it’s you who need to change.


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