I heard over the evening news Nigerians in diaspora are asking for inclusion in the general scheme of things in Nigeria considering a great many of the best brains in foreign climes of black African descent are Nigerians (reference the brain drain). 


One specific request concerned provisions for voting in future elections preferably within the various Nigerian embassies et al. From this expressed direct involvement with and in the activities of our country may be gleaned a resurgence of interest in the affairs of our nation which took flight in years past. 


Does this request bode well for our collective growth and development?

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Of course yes.  That they are living abroad does not in way mean they should be excluded from the scheme of things in the country.  They are Nigerian citizens and have rights like anyother Nigerian citizens
I'd agree with you. They're fellow citizens and should be accorded all rights due to citizens. I'd go further to say those who have remained behind in dire periods should not snare at this turn of events as the older brother showed in the parable of the  prodigal son.


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