There live two old men who have a son each; both friends son’s was born same date but not same minute. Both sons parents are well to do, capable of funding their sons education to last degree obtainable.


As they were growing up they both were doing fine in school till one fell in love with worldly things, tried to lore the other into paying less attention in his studies and more attention in material things. The other refused, because his father instructed him earlier on disadvantage of liking worldly things earlier in life.


He tried and tried to introduce him into clubbing, beer and woman, failed and let him go. Four years later one who love material things quit school as he is not seeing cash to start living the good life he already read in school, the other also love material things but refused to dishonor his fathers advice and continue with his studies enduring hardship.


One who loves material things joined business world, along the line of meeting people and satisfying his orgies, he fell into evil woman trap. He did not realize the trouble he fell into, till it became too late to withdraw. One that are determined to finish school and become an engineer, did not entangle with strange woman except those in same institution with him.


He was shocked day his friend told him he is getting married, shocked because through out years he spent in school he has been studying woman and was not happy with what he discovered. Woman for him is like a fast flowing deep river that if one is not careful how he swim in her will be drawn, and  the river will continue flowing as if nothing happen.


One who refused to discipline his spirit has gone too deep with material things of the world, to the extent of forgetting hard lessons he learned in school regarding life. By now one who refused to quit school was graduating from university without job or money, his dad who funded his education right from kid are now getting old and about retiring from active life. One who quit school later married but does not know whom she married was a retired Italian prostitute, and as result of that they had no child.


Things were becoming tougher and harder for one who finished school, as he still could not get a job. The hardship got to peak where he decided to meet one who quit school for financial help, one who quit school told him he should have listen to him and quit school for business like he did, not offering him any money or helpful advice.


He returned home and get down on his knees, asking God to help him. Vowed before God he will sacrifice his life for others who may find themselves in jobless situation like him after graduating, God who never fails his children answered his prayer at His own time.


 Ten years later, one who refused to quit school was made a minister. He found himself looking at bundles of money, from that moment his wish and dream he will one day in life be in position to build better roads, electricity, water, etc infrastructures that will guarantee jobs for new graduates became irrelevant wishes and dreams.


First thing that came to his mind after taking oath was to arrange convoy of suvs or cars and pay his friend who quit school a visit, followed by building a house that will be far costly and bigger than one built by his friend, send his kids to America for studies, open up companies with third parties, should he seize to be a minister tomorrow.


Like joke, he’d embark on his new ambition with money meant to improve life of those his ministry was established to care for. Such was reason our country is having development problem till date, and why I kept saying Nigerians are the problem not Nigeria.



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The foundation is faulty and so the entire structure is defective.

U failed to consider d factors that made it possible for the minister to act that way with impunity.

It still boils down to the fact that we are building on a faulty foundation.  The centre cannot hold.


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