Nigerians, a happy people in a crime infested nation

I don't know how we do it, it's really amazing, it defies all logic. How can we be happy in a country like ours? A country with a record of fraudsters(419), the biggest political pen robbers as in corrupt elected leaders/officers, civil servants, police, contractors etc.
In Nigeria, politics is the biggest investment, where an elected politician declare the billions he is going to steal not the one he has going in.
Where an elected person go in a poor man and come out a billionaire.
Where political armed robbery, assassination, kidnappings are the order of the day.
A country whose national ID to the rest of the world is 419, corruption.
A country wit the most corrupt politicians.

How do we do it? Wot is our source of happiness in the midst of all these?
Does it mean we are happy wit the way things are?
Are we happy wit our status?

It really defies all logic!

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The problem with Nigeria is that in all the countries of this world,our past leaders are the most wicked entities in human form.They being worst than the devil himself have become masters of wickedness and sinfulness.They have,through the platform of religion mashed down,raped,f..ked and dehumanise the rest of us.The pastors and Imams are tools in their wicked hands and everyone is told to be happy with whatever situation we find ourselves. Our people are actually very innocent and simple beings which is why it is easy for a man with ulterior motives finds it very easy to manipulate and take advantage of us.It is also this simple nature that drives us to mosques and churches and the wicked ones have capitalised on this for their own wicked ends.When we wake up,we will realise that we should worship God and Allah AND also take care of our physical selves and NOT allow anyone to take advantage of us,even if we have to kill for our freedom.Making sure that you are not a victim of wickedness is NOT AGAINST the wishes of God.Being docile in the face of great wickedness is not being Godly.It is called stupidity and docility.
that's why i write and ask every good nigerian to wake up and stand on his or her feet.make sure you are not bought for any price and use your brain. How long shall we sale our right to fools that never thinks and make ways for future i think,is high time to make ways for our self and kids to come.the effort of the leaders sending their kids abroad and leave our education to die here is also the high ways of creating opportunity for crimes and injustices.We are in abroad we know that some other country are limiting their entry of some foreigners in their many people do come to our own country and why do we always go to peoples do we put to practice what we see in other man country. NIGERIAN IS 50,still we are like baby without future.


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