we can curtail election malpractices when our electoral commission accepts to adopt electronic system of voting

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Nigeria has tried different systems of voting in past years with little success. Several options had been used but it is clear that the only option that can work here is the open ballot system whereby people queue behind the contestants in an open field and they are counted; the result declared immediately and both voters and contestants have their figure. Both the winner and the loser will be satisfied and the electoral body (INEC) will be seen to be transparent. The problem we have had in the past was fraudulent falsification of figures between the polling booths and the INEC collation centres. The Option A4 used in the June 12, 1993 election has remained the best ever witnessed in the country. Even though some critics say the system is primitive, I believe it remains the best solution to the problem of election in Nigeria, at least for now. Electronic voting system may not work for us now because we haven't got patriotic hands to operate the equipment/system. It is not tamper/rig-proof, as it can be manipulated by the operators. Remember the last Electronic Voters' Registration exercise where some machines found their way into the home of a notorious polician in Ibadan. I believe a manual system could provide the needed solution to our electoral problem for now than going digital.
Thanks Tony for keeping me posted on the argument.Actually I have not been living in Nigeria for the past 27 yrs and so not totally acquainted with to what extent our politicians can go to derail election results. However, I am still of the opinion that a well organized electronic system will do the job.
Nothing is wrong with electronic voting system. The essence is to eliminae fruad and have a free and fair election. But the fear is that the system will be highly manipulated and abused in Nigeria.
The advanced countries of the world use e-voting and it works for them. For now it cannot work in Nigeria because of high level of illiteracy and ignorance. Insincerity of our politicians is also another factor that will count against it.


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