Nigerian Graduates and Job seekers bemoans high unemployment rate as general elections beckons

As campaigns for the April 2011 general elections hot up in Nigeria, unemployed graduates and job seekers in the country bemoans the massive unemployment situation currently rocking the country as desperate politicians continues to canvass for votes from the helpless and jobless youths that roams the street daily for jobs and employment that are difficult to get or not available.


Nigeria is a country with population over 140 million people, with over 60 percent of them being jobless. The Nigerian government over the years has taken some few steps in tackling the unemployment trend by creating some agencies and parastatals dedicated to creating employment and wealth for the people like the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) and also partnering with banks and other financial institutions within and outside the country in helping unemployed youths and graduates interested in going in entrepreneurship by creating small and medium enterprises.


Many people though, criticize the government saying these actions were not going to solve the problem head on as the unemployment situation in the country has been traced to the failing economy of the country and requires very urgent and effective actions.


As the April 2011 elections approaches, politicians all over the country have started making various unbelievable promises to the electorate in order to get their votes during the polls. Common promises such as rapid creation of infrastructure, provision of millions of jobs, regular power supply and water have been popular memory verse at various campaigns grounds across the country. Over the years, it’s become very clear that these promises are just made in order to secure votes from the helpless masses.


The truth is that these ridiculous election promises like provision of millions of jobs for the unemployed youths in the country and other unfulfilled promises are generally meant to capture votes from the public and there it ends. Once in office, the winners do as they like, leading to the current high unemployment rate in the country.


The situation has become pathetic as year after year, job seekers and applicants are left with nothing to do than to roam about the streets looking for jobs that are not available. Their case is also pathetic as most of them are not employable by potential employers of Labour, this may be due to their lack of core technical knowledge about their discipline or failure during interview.


Unemployment has been the foundation cause of most social vices and crimes like robbery, kidnapping, assassination, election rigging, drug abuse and many other crimes currently rocking the country. These unemployed graduates and youths felled to these evil tendencies because they are not gainfully employed.


Hope is not lost though as another season of democratic transition approaches across the country, hopefully dedicated, incorrupt and issue based politicians would win the electorate’s votes, get access to public offices and then transformed the deteriorating employment situation in the country and create jobs and employment for Nigeria’s teaming graduates and job seekers.


I have created a website, where graduates and job seekers in the country can search and apply for latest and current job vacancies in Nigeria.

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Good scroll. The website you created when will it start working for the youths? After elections? But to correct you, our spate of unemployment are far from the rural politicians. The problem can be solved by one man, PRESIDENT.
Low tarrif, low taxations, energy, power, shelter, industries, concessions, security and rule of law. Only president can ensure all.

You certainly have made a commendable effort by devloping the website, but that is no solution in itself because applicants who are going to visit the website will only apply to existing vacancies.  Your site will not guarantee them automatic employment.  All the same you desreve commendation.


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