Nigerian Education minister's daughter rejects Nigerian Universities

...daughter prefers to school in Ghana

Amidst pessimistic views held by Nigerians concerning the nation’s university system in the last 50 years, Nigeria’s Minister of State for Education, Barr. Kenneth Gbagi, on Monday
revealed that uncertainties in the education system made his daughter not to want  to study in the country's university but in  the West Africa country, Ghana for tertiary education.   

His words: “I was discussing with a friend recently and I told him I have a
daughter who is studying medicine in Ghana, so when I was made minister
of education I tried to pressure her to come back and school here, but
she said if I come back to the country what guarantee do I have that I
would graduate at the stipulated time.

While trying to provide justifications for his action, he said despite being a Minister of Education in Nigeria other notable persons desirous of quality education for their children send them to Ghana and other foreign universities for schooling due to their managerial ability.

Gbagi who recently got appointed into President Goodluck Jonathan’s cabinet as Minister of State for Education had in a separate forum in Abuja advocated the need for increment in
tuition fees for students to boost graduate output, saying the Federal Government ought to have no business in controlling the affairs of university education.
The Minister said Nigeria had not really faired well educationally after over five decades of the establishment of the first indigenous Nigerian university.   

He stated this in Abuja at a presentation of a biography on Nigeria ’s University system in the last 50 years written by Association of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities.

Gbagi also took a swipe on Nigerian professors over the last five decades, saying they ought to be pro-active in their approach to unravel the problems in the system if the sector
must forge ahead.

As professors what have we done as a people to resolve this problem of education, what are doing to make sure that the issue of education is taken out from the realms of government”.
“Education as we are all aware is the bedrock of any nation, its high time VCs of universities come out to fashion out a long term plan as to how they want university education to be.
Personally I think we could achieve this by going back to the drawing board”, he added.

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