"Nigerian Couple Imprisoned since 28th November 2011- wanting their 7 Children back"

May 21, 2012 / Sabine Kurjo McNeill
Nigerian Bishop Gloria Musa[1] and her husband Joseph Chiwar Musa were found guilty of having drugged their then youngest child in a secret Family Court hearing on 28th November 2011. Gloria overheard the President of the Family Division say to the Officer of Haringey Police “they must not get bail”. Two bail applications have been refused, since they were imprisoned at the Family Court. Their first five children were taken by eight Haringey Police officers in April 2010, without any legal paperwork. ... In fact, three hours after the birth of the sixth child, nine police officers showed up in hospital, strangled the mother, pulled her arms and legs, took the baby and left her unconscious, with permanent injuries on her leg. Since the baby ‘failed to thrive in care’, she was returned. A specially ordered vaccination seems to have caused the temperature that made the parents take her to hospital. There she was administered ketamine, a drug that shows up as opiates in the blood. Sir Nicholas Wall, the President of the Family Division, said “professionals don’t lie” and came to the conclusion that, “on the balance of probabilities”, the parents must have drugged the baby. Since then, Prof. Ireland published her widely published report[3] about the lack of qualification of ‘expert witnesses’.... ... The seventh child was born in prison and immediately taken off the mother, thus violating the baby’s human rights[5] as well as the mother’s[6]... http://publicityonline.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/haringey-council-wo...

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... In criminal courts, evidence has to be provided “beyond a reasonable doubt”, whereas secret family courts get away with “the balance of probabilities”.

On this level of scrutiny, Sir Nicholas Wall found a Nigerian couple[v] guilty of having drugged their baby, based on statements and reports from ‘expert witnesses’ and his claim that “professionals don’t lie”. Since then, the damning report about expert witnesses used in secret family courts was published by Prof. Jane Ireland[vi] of Lancashire University, resulting in Channel 4 News[vii] and reports in The Telegraph[viii] and the Daily Mail[ix].
This now criminal and thus not secret family court[x] case takes place also in Wood Green Crown Court where it is scheduled to last for another five weeks, examining the allegations of child abuse by the parents. The parents have suffered not only the loss of their children, but also going to many contact sessions in vain and the most violent attack 3 hours after birth of the sixth child in hospital.

The mother, an ordained Bishop[xi], was left unconscious, after nine Haringey Police officers strangled her and pulled her arms and legs such that she has been limping in pain ever since. Her seventh child was taken from her in prison, thus depriving her of her right to breastfeed[xii] and the baby of its human rights[xiii].
Haringey Council have made life incredibly miserable for the family, ever since they kidnapped their then five children without any legal documentation in April 2010. Yesterday one of the children said via videolink that they were told it was going to be an adventure!

The Telegraph published in December 2010[xiv] what a whistleblower had said: “it was vital that the council should continue to justify its actions, because of the very damaging publicity which might follow, if the unhappy children were reunited with their parents.”
Supporters know that this is the worst of all known child snatching[xv] cases, where Punishment without Crime[xvi] is delivered. They fear that the kids will have been badly brainwashed by Social Workers and foster carers. The parents have not seen their children for months, the oldest daughter not since August 2010, when she reported having been molested by the son of her foster carer.

The couple was imprisoned on 28th November 2011, after Sir Nicholas Wall found them guilty of drugging their sixth child, as “professionals don’t lie”. Despite religiously attending to police stations and collecting the evidence, the couple was charged with breaking bail conditions, due to forged police documentation. Haringey Police have also conveniently ‘lost’ the letter[xvii] that was produced as justification ten days after the children were taken. The oldest daughter is supposed to have written and thrown it out of the window.

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