Why didn't mr. President face Boko Haram, but fuel? Well i think we need to ask our leaders what each one of them knows about Boko Haram. I think mr. President want to give much explanation why d fuel price must increase when Boko Haram keep killing christians around them and most of them can't afford paying the transport back to there state. WHY THIS?

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Boko Haram and Fuel subsidy removal re two different issues. Terrorism and Ecomomic. Its our civil responsibility to ensure the security of our land. Collectively. As Nigerians. The President can only give a lead. Such as he is doing. On fuel subsidy that is where we Nigerians should hold him accountable because he mentioned a cabal. He knew them. Those people ve registered companies, Bank accounts and licence to import fuel. They re untouchable because their corrupt money ve put many corrupt leaders in power.


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