I am not a prophet of doom but a realistic, and what i saw on monday in Nigeria's match against Zambia made me sick.
With the semi final clash against Ghana coming in 3 days time, i dont see the Eagles flying over the black stars.
i may be wrong, and i want the eagles to prove me wrong.
or what do you guys say


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This is not about doom prophecy, it is the truth. The eagles dont strike me as ones prepared for glory!
Do not under-- rate them --- remember no one thought they could reach this far
The match was the worst I have ever seen Nigeria play. If it were a better team than Zambia we could have been very disgraced. I want to believe the perfomance was a one-off and we will improve against Ghana. over-all in this tournament i hate to say that the standard of African football seems to be falling and Egypt looks like the only team that can stand its ground on the world stage. sadly they won't be at the world cup
all we have to do is to pray for them, with God all things is possible.
Hi guys
Good Day Clement. My views, if you care please:

(1) Let's remember that Flying Eagles is a team that was assembled in haste as most players were busy playing for their respective clubs. These guys have qualified for the World Cup despite most people saying that they wouldn't. When performers are up against so much cynicism and yet they triumph in the end, they are indeed valorous men.

(2) Most of us have been running down the coach who is trying his Best to unite the bunch that hardly ever played together. This coach has performed till now. World Cup? Qualified; Semi-final Nation's Cup? Reached. So how come he is no good!

(3) What do we want to celebrate? Efforts or Results? Efforts may be lackadaisical but results have been pretty good so far man! And consistent good results can't hinge on just luck! May be there's strategy which we can't see and appreciate. May be our team is not very good BUT is still better that most other teams?

(4) And Finally remember that this is a game of football man, NOT a battlefield
So guys Enjoy and let the good times in football continue.
What I saw in this match against Zambia was well short of what was expected of the Nigerian Eagles (Amodu's Chikens). I fell asleep on the sofa in the process only to be woken up to by my son to watch the penalty shootout. However I still will not write the Nigerian Eagles off but after this tornament AMODU MUST GO!!!!
At last, Nigeria qualified. That suggests to me dat there is nothing God cannot do.
@Olajide and okaja why do we have to bring God into everything? This is a simple game of football. what has god got do with it? At the beginning of the game both team pray, that prayer to me is irrelevant because god has more important things to do in this world than deciding who wins a game of football.

This also follows the way we think in Nigeria. everything is now put in God's hands and people just accept their lot. Doctor messes up and kills patient, they tell you God knows best. Politician rigs and gets himself in power, he says is God that gives people power. what rubbish!!
This is the worst match i have seen the Nigerian team play for long time now. Amodu and his men have made everybody a prayer warrior (as some will say, "they need our prayer"), but despite that, they still perform below par performance. With this kind of performance, I don't think they can stand Ghana in the Semi-Final. Taking this team to the World Cup will be a fatal disaster!
I quite agree with you my guy,I dont see the eagle defeating the black star of Ghana, but if the coaching crew put their house in order by playing the right player in the right position, by then we can hope of the eagle going through to the final. Amodu and his crew should work on the players, and avoid playing ''BIG MAN GAME'' the eagle is used to, we should approach the match with all seriousness. Any way I wish them good luck.
Truth they say is bitter , if super do not brce up they should forget getting to final coach Amodu should do in house overhaul of the players , there should not be favouratism or tribalism . Field those that will deliver
Very well Sandra I agree with what you said.


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