The Chief Commissioner Hon Dave Awunah met with the DG Engr Mustapha Yunusa Maihaja and Directors of NEMA on Wednesday 27th March. In company of some National Headquarter Commissioners.

The meeting which started at about 12:40pm lasted until 2:00pm.

The Chief Commissioner in his speech after brief outlining The Missions of Scouting, requested the Agency to partner with Scouts of Nigeria in all their operations as Scouts have the competencies and capability of assisting and partnering with them.

The Chief Commissioner also requested the Agency to consider giving financial assistance and opportunities to some young indigent scouts to attend the jamboree billed for August this year.

The Chief Commissioner went further to request for the creation of Scout Centers in the IDP Camps for monitoring and evaluation of activities as well as introducing the younger one into Scouting to assist in the informal training and acquisition of basic knowledge while in the IDP camps.

The DG NEMA who was so excited by the proposals directed The Director of Planning to immediately work out a Memorandum of Understanding with Scouts to include the training of Scouts under some special areas of emergency management.

It is also hopeful that the requested assistance for Youths to participate in the oncoming WSJ may receive their blessings.

By this development the Chief Commissioner wish to ask Scouts to BE PREPARED in the event of any call up to join the NEMA training Program.

TSAN is on the path to making a change and making Scouting relevant.

It all depends on all of us to breast up and be part of the new changes and positive scouting.

We are looking forward to the best ahead.

We shall continue to do our best.

We reproduce below the Speech Hon Dave Awunah presented to the DG



I would like to begin this short address with greetings and good wishes from the World Organization of the Scout Movement [WOSM] to President Muhammadu Buhari, [GCON], and his cabinet, All Ministries, Departments and Agencies [MDAs} and other arms of government as well as the good people of our great country, Nigeria.

DG Sir; let me on behalf of the Scouts of Nigeria formally thank you for the courtesies of granting us audience today to intimate you with the ideals and focus of the regenerated scouting operations in Nigeria under a new leadership now recognized by the World Scouting and Africa Regional Scouting bodies and to seek your cooperation and strategic synergy thereof in the execution of some of our programs that would be of mutual benefit between our two organizations and the country at large.

As you may be aware, the World Organization of Scout Movement is a worldwide Non-Governmental Youth Educational Movement with a mantra to develop young people through a value system based on the Scout laws and promise; get them active through series of events, mobilize for peace and stimulate positive community service where people are self-fulfilled.

Our National Scout Organization [NSO] is a registered member of the World Scout body and shares the same vision with the parent body who boasts of over 70 million members spread across the world; while some 160 million persons have been scouts at one time or the other, including prominent people in diverse fields. It is also noteworthy that the Scouts Organization of Nigeria was established by an act of parliament of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and as of date, we have over three million [3,000,000] active members and we intend to grow the numbers to about 12 million in the next 3 years.

Against the above backdrop, please permit me to now intimate you with some of our programs in the offing, the purpose for which we made this call Sir!

1. The Scout Association of Nigeria [TSAN] is advancing a new focus toward socio-cultural and socio-economic development; having recently put a new leadership in place that is now recognized nationally and by the World Scouting body headquartered in Kuala-Lumpur.

2. To this end, the New TSAN Leadership is planning series of inaugural events to reawaken the SCOUT consciousness in the country and in a bid to contribute its quota towards nation building and overall National Growth and sustainability.

3. The inaugural events will feature the following, amongst others:
A. INVESTITURE AND DECORATION OF PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI AS NATIONAL PATRON OF THE SCOUT ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA [TSAN]. As a standing rule, the worldwide organization of the scout movement is apolitical and thus submits to the government of the day in all the countries that we operate

B. TSAN DELEGATION TO THE 24TH WORLD SCOUT JAMBOREE IN WEST VIRGINIA, USA: We are making preparations to take a contingent of about 650 from Nigeria to this event which holds from 22nd July to 2nd August and over 70% of this number will be children of secondary schools aged between 9 and 17. To support the scouting body, we have approached both public and private sector institutions for sponsorship in view of the exposure and other benefits that these young leaders of tomorrow would need to properly position Nigeria in contemporary world affairs.

The theme for the Maiden Edition of the Lecture Series scheduled to hold in FCT, Abuja is; ‘Campaign Against Drug Abuse [CADA]

Participants will be drawn from across the 36 States of Nigeria + FCT and will spread across all spectrum of the society including but not limited to students of Secondary and Tertiary Institutions; Youth and Women Groups, Internally Displaced Persons [IDP] Camps, Corporate Nigeria, Federal Government MDAs, The Legislature and The Judiciary, Non-Governmental Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, Military and Para-Military Corps, Security Agencies & The Diplomatic Community, etc.

The Event which will also attract foreign Scouting dignitaries would have the following as side attractions, amongst others:

Road Show, Gala Night & Investitures, Green Carpet, Networking, Small Groups Symposia, Exhibition of Plays and other Entertainment Shows; Sale of Scouting Materials, Artworks and Charity, Visits to IDPs & Rehab homes around Abuja, etc.;


In sync with the theme of the maiden edition, TSAN will run programs and projects around the theme through Year 2019/20; taking the campaign to the nooks and crannies of the country, recruiting the youngsters and grooming them to learn about the dangers of drug abuse and its negative effects on human capital development as well as the health of the nation at large.

The World Scouting Community is doing a lot in shaping world peace and especially inculcating discipline and values toward building a better and peaceful world. For instance, in South Korea, where Mr. Ban Ki Moon is the Chief Scout, South Korean Scout Organization is very active and contributes immensely towards the implementation of the UN’s SDGs and other internal development vehicles in that nation.

Other areas on our Strategic Plan where the Scouting Youths of Nigeria would be deployed in the near future include but not limited the following:

i. Creation of Scout Rapid Response Centres across the country for Disaster and Emergency Management
ii. Campaign against Terrorism and Insecurity
iii. Campaign Against Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Child Abuse
iiii. Implementation of SDGs

In summary, it is our firm resolve and belief that, with about 70% of Nigerian population, the youth has enormous role to play in contributing to the Nation’s GDP on a sustainable basis if given the right platform, the right direction and are well harnessed. Undisputable, Scouting is one of such viable and veritable platforms as exemplified the world over.

This address would not be complete without an attempt to relate our strengths and programs as highlighted above with the functions of your esteemed agency [NEMA] with a view to espousing ample opportunities available of which we could partner, collaborate and/or synergize for mutual benefits in fulfilling our individual organizational mandate.

1. TSAN is hereby seeking Collaboration with NEMA by volunteering all its members across the nooks and crannies of the country and as a willing partner in dealing with emergencies in the country. By our induction, we are well aware that Emergency and Disaster Management entails the deployment of manpower in most cases and requires lots of logistics and technical expertise to remedy situations with a view to saving lives. It may interest you to know that as mentioned earlier in this address, the Scouts Organization of Nigeria presently boasts of over three million [3,000,000] active members spread across 37 Scout Councils and FCT that are well trained in emergency and disaster management techniques and could be deployed within the shortest possible time in line with our motto, ‘BE PREPARED’

2. A benevolent appeal for NEMA to graciously sponsor at least 5 children from each of the IDP Camps in the country within the age range of 14 – 17 years to the 24th World Scout Jamboree [WSJ-2019] holding from 22nd July through to 2nd August, 2019 at the Summit Bechtel, West Virginia, USA. It is our fervent belief that the experience will go beyond lifting their spirits, be forever impactful to them and could fetch them and the larger society as they return to the country.

2.i) The budget for each scout in the contingent for the event is estimated at about N1,900,000.00 [One Million, Nine Hundred Thousand Naira], only. This amount covers the following:

a. Cost of Return Tickets/Travel Insurance
b. Ground Transportation
c. Jamboree fees
d. Uniforms, Kiting and other jamboree tools
e. Out of pocket/Miscellaneous

2.ii) The Dateline for registration of participants from Nigeria is 30st April, 2019.

2.iii) All payments should please be made to:



ACCOUNT NO. [NAIRA]:​0027136855

Should more information be required by The Commission regarding this request; our contacts are readily available at the Nigeria Scout Organization through [email protected] or Telephones on 0708 059 6312 and 0706 801 4787.

Finally and in line with Prayer No.2 herein, The SCOUT OF NIGERIA would like to humbly request the courtesies of the DG to nominate some representatives from its Management Team to lead the delegation of boys/girls from IDP Camps for which we seek sponsorship support herein to this epic scouting event which holds once in every four years.

3. NEMA should graciously assist TSAN towards the creation of the Scout Disaster Rapid Response Centres in 36 States + FCT which is one of the envisioned programs in the renewed focus of scouting in Nigeria as a tool for national welfare and development. Under this program, we intend to build makeshift hostels/camps for disaster prone areas where training and retraining of scouts on emergency management would be carried out consistently for select troops. The assistance solicited for here could come in area of provision of building materials, camping tents and financial support, etc.

As I close, May I again deeply appreciate the DG Sir and your Team for finding time out of your very busy schedules to receive us today. On behalf of The Scout Association of Nigeria [TSAN], we say keep on your good works as Change Agents especially in the areas of your mandate of bringing reliefs, rehabilitation programs and generally putting smiles on the faces of the displaced and the disadvantaged in our society.

God Bless You!
God Bless NEMA!!
God Bless TSAN!!!
God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!

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