1. Capitat POVERTY, Nigeria is not poor but the group catune in the system, is the people who is implementing aliviation to the masses. No light. No job. No food. So corruption will be the chairman of the day. 2. Corrupton. In nigeria the cause of poverty, corruption, crime \ boko haram "is from the three (3) head of family now the father is the president' the mother is the lagislative, the first born is the juciuary" so if there is no food and nothing at al in house so there must be corruption in the house and the Children and the memeber of the family have the right to dwel in any thing they know that they can sort their self out so the three head of the family should come together and iron out issues for the good of the family.

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We have resources that are enough to go round but behold our so called leaders are sitting on the fortunes of this great nation thereby reducing average nigerians to poverty.  What a shame!

The truth is you and I have the right to be the president , let them share the national cake around


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