Nigeria Police colonialism to ogadamen and taximen.

With all the training you give to a tortoise it still remain a tortoise. Broughtout a pig from bush and train, it will still go back to bush. Mr. President sir, if you like to pay Nigeria police constable hundred thousand naira a month and other's allowance, they will never stop to collect 20 naira from ogada rider's, imagine the sadness, sadnews on monday for a motorcyclist man to lose his two legs for refusing to give 1000 naira to policmen at Berger-under bridge along the oshodi-Apapa expressway in Lagos, the ogadaman, had his two legs shattered by a truck laden with an unhooked container which ran into him while he was engages in a shouting match with the policemen over their extortionately demand.
How many policemen cameout for rescue of this vitim, they all ran away. God will judge them with their crimal act in this country, because nor of them can stop a big man car and demand for money but an ogada-man or a taxi-man who only try to survive. God judgement will be upon them Amen.

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What a sad news.  It is a tragedy.  The Nigeria police force has more bad eggs than good ones.  Something needs to be done before all of us become victims of their brutality.
Thanks you wiseone. We must continue to preach to them.


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