I grew up hearing elders describe Nigeria as “giant of Africa”, and it gave me a huge sense of pride then. Where did we miss it? It wasn’t as if leadership was at its best but there were clear cut differences in idealogies from the school of thought of Followers of Azikiwe, Awolowo, Chief Enahoro, Ahmadu Bello, and so on. Even with the interference of the military we still had these believes. The history of their political and nationalist exploits stare us boldly in our school books then from social studies to history books and poetry. Where did we miss it and now found ourselves in this mess? So bad that other countries dread us like leperous beings, with our creative abilities and intelligence yet see as emptiness? What went wrong to the extent 25 years old don’t know a thing about their history but believe the history of Nigeria is 16 years ago?
Nigeria is falling apart with the deliberate effort to pitch us against each other through religion, ethnicity, political divide across board through hate by leaders who were beneficiaries of nationalism. We are heading with our eyes wide opened into a quagmire.
We need leaders with good understanding of our history and our democracy. They should remember the blood from the north,west,east,south which had no coloration but yet were spilled to make democracy and good governance work. We should not allow poverty to remain among us for too long or else it will unify all against these few self made god fathers. Poverty cuts across ethnicity and tribe and unites more than anything else. Create a better Nigeria for all or breed the criminals that will haunt your rich and educated children the rest of their lives. Poverty breeds hate and death only. I truly hope these leaders should dust their history books and read and as well reintroduce it into our schools. Poverty is real and has no colour!

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