The situation in Nigeria is extremely dire; this seemingly calamitous state of affairs rocking Nigeria today has been in the making for as long as I can remember. As a little child growing up in the 80s, I saw a Nigeria whose economic trajectory was positive sliding rather progressively to a bright future. Just as people were getting ready to apportion their abundant resources to their needs, Nigeria descended into a conflagration of military coups thereby causing unmufflered political and economic uncertainties. The unsound political climate that beclouded Nigeria ignited a firestorm of hopelessness and fear among Nigerians as many of the military leaders were corrupt and only understood the concept of force and not negotiation in implementing their military-based law and order. From that moment on, as these military officers routinely deposed one another, storm clouds started gathering over Nigeria.

   After series of military coups, Nigeria finally transited to democracy stirring up people's hopes once again, and also raising the question as to whether civilian government had the capacity to carry Nigeria to the next level. As the baton of leadership was passed on to a civilian head of state, Nigerians chorused in unison their support and undying committment to assist him on the onerous task of nation building. Nigerians kept their nose to the grindstone believing convincingly that the darkest hour was just before the dawn. Unfortunately, situation in Nigeria grew from bad to worse - youth unemployment became commonplace, graft, peculation among elected and appointed officials became a standard for wealth acquisition, nepotism, tribalism, amongst others, dominated Nigerian political and social theaters. To crown it all, Nigerian leaders neglected every aspect of governance to pursue wealth by bilking Nigeria of untold wealth. The poor masses kept gnashing their teeth in anguish; their hope of a better Nigeria was dashed. Obasanjo and his cohorts only succeeded in compounding the scourching economic condition in Nigeria by implementing failing and degenerative policies. That era defalcated government money and caused colossal economic turmoil the effect of which still lingers.

   Now, despite the obvious fact that Nigerians are vastly learned and experienced, the government still believes the possibility of enforcing draconian policies without expecting objection from the people. Nigerian economy is at a standstill because the people will not allow the selfish objectives of their elected officials to override their common good. Nigerian government still embarks on policies tangential to effort to maintain a basic standard of life. The ratchet of unemployment plagues the Nigerian youth and shows no sign of diminution. Infrastructures are in disrepair. Nigerian children are left uncared for, hawking on the streets during school hours because their parents lack the wherewithal to send them to school. This is a country where education should be free and mandatory for every child. These children boldly strive for survival in the asperities of a harsh and divided society. It is even more gut-wrenching to learn that vast majority of Nigerian population battle poverty in the midst of abundance. Nigerian wealth circulates among the government and their stooges.  

    Moreover, government officials live like kings in their walled mansions with their offsprings studying in various colleges and universities overseas. These elected elements are whited sepulchers who preach patriotism yet practice the opposite. Like that is not enough, most of them have houses littered across Europe and U.S.A. paid for with stolen money. That is the zenith of betrayal of trust. Instead of the president directing his energy at recovering Nigerian stolen wealth, injecting the recovered ones into the system, and eradicating corruption, he thought it expidient to heighten people's suffering by removing fuel subsidy. Before now, the president believed deep down in his heart that it would be much more easier to offend Nigerians than to offend a few members of his clique. What a misguided belief! A drowning man, they say, clutches at straws. Unfortunately, everything is spinning out of control. Nigerian economy is hanging in the balance. People are fed up and have refused to be left out in the dark. Nigeria, by the stand of things, is teetering on the precipice of collapse. Not to put too fine a point on it, what is going on now is only a straw in the wind if the president fails to adhere to the people. 

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