"Nigeria occupies 20th position in global hunger index –FAO" By Chibuzor Emejor


"Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) said Nigeria occupies 20th position in the global hunger index with about 65 per cent of its citizens not having access to adequate food for a healthy and productive life.

"Also, 40 per cent of children under the age of five are suffering from stunted growth. 

"This was disclosed by Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Sheikh Abdullah, in his key note address at the May 2011 edition of the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology and commissioning of the Biotechnology Research Centre at the National Root Crops Research Centre (NRCRI), Umudike, Abia State... 

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Bros , the problem we have in this country is that of leadership , we are yet to produce that leader with vision, foresight and the zeal to turn around things for the benefit of a common man, hence hunger, abject poverty , children stunted growth are some of the negative consequences of and the product of bad leadership.However let see what Jonathan can do for us , as we march toward this new era.
That is leadership challenge to Goodluck administration.  Nigerians have suffered terribly in the hands of our previous leaders but military and civilian.  Let us hope and pray that this incoming administration will wipe away tears from the eyes of many Nigerians, who are having constant hand shake with poverty.


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