President Goodluck Ebelechukwu Azubuike Jonathan has exhibited his true leadership position in Abia state ,despite T.A Orji's plan to burst Abia with Kidnapping and all sorts of artrocities. Therefore what stops us from voting him into the presidential sit.
Lets us join hands and make him happy in the year 2011 cos its gonna be the bomb.

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Despite d fact that your opinion is sacrosanct, i wish to contribute in a modified way, to ur topic. Mr.President may be ur choice but u ought not to be so fast in deriding him as the chosen one.Politicians generaly have ways of veiling their true characters. The onus is always on d electorates to intelligently and straneously unveil them to see d true characters behind d veil. Failure to do so wil inexorably lead to electing tyrrant who masquaraded as democrat, as our President come 2011. To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed. Pls lets be more painstaking in discharge of our civic responsibitlity (voting) so as to put at bay d possible recrudence of d events of 2003. The sloggan should be: "look before u reap" God bless us all.
We need to be objective in our analysis. i dont blame the author for been emotional in her analysis, because she is a lady. women are always emotional in their view. GEJ has not yet proven himself as a lady, and we must not be deceived by what we see.
One problem with we Nigerians is that we allow our personal interest to becloud our sense of reasoning. I am not against the candidature of the president, Jonathan Goodluck in the next year's pools but we should allow Nigerians to make their choice. President Goodluck may not be the best for the country. The only important thing is that the elections should be free and fair and every contestant should be given equal opportunity. Then the people's mandate speak.
I'm in support of the contribution of the last respondent and in addition to his opinion these politicians that areparading themselves as Mr. Right for Nigeria, we should be very careful as to the person we would cast in our votes for because we don't know them yet, they hv'nt unveil their true character/picture. We have been deceived for long, I strongly believe that the right choice for Nigeria does not even have the money to campaign or if he has started already he will not scale through in congress.

Please be guided by this, that our votes does not even count for this is Naija for you, with what is currently going on now i'm piting those that will lose their lives on that day in the name of election.

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