it was like yesterday when it all began when a group of people leaving in a settlement and in 1914 an amalgamation happen bringing all proprietorial areas together from the Niger areas which gave birth to my belove country NIGERIA.
   Despite our going through in a country where people are not treated like a bonified  member of the settlement ,those who are in control do thing the way they want ,in a settlement where food is not in great supply,power supply in not working,education is degenerating ,economy is bad ,no security of life and property ,unemployment is very high and they keep telling  me and you that we are oil rich ,where we have all the mineral resources and yet we leave each day like we have nothing, our leaders are doing things the way they like but i know a day is coming when we will enjoy as a nation and be proud to see our selves as citizen of a great nation, that we should above all odds i LOVE MY NIGERIA one day we will over come some day ,NIGERIA MY LOVE I WANT TO WISH YOU HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY ,50TH of a new Nigeria ,50TH of a new nation ,50TH of a new people ,50TH of a new mind set ,GOD BLESS NIGERIA............. 

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