Nigeria most corrupt & inept Attorney General of the federation, Mr. Aondoakaa has been removed from office & redeployed as Minister of Special duties.Saharareporters can now confirm the removal.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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When I saw the headline," Aondoakaa Removed", I thought he has been given a VIP treatment. I must confess that Jonathan was so lenient in that case. Aondoakaa has no conscience so it is still very dangerous to maintain a traitor as an ally. Jonathan should remove the kinds of Aondoakaa from his administration if he wants to be sincere with Nigerians.
If i were him, I would invoke the ultimatum of KAMIKAZE. Kamikaze is a cultural belief of the Japanese where a person would be escorted by the family fold and the relatives at the entrance of his tent and they would monitor and watch him commit suicide simply because he did not accomplish his goal as a family man or a driver or any thing. If I found my self in government today, I am saying this here and I would continue to say it anywhere, many people like Aondoakaa would be given the digital lesson of Jerry Rawlings of Ghana.
A good move indeed. i knew from his inception after he had demoted efcc boss, that this guy was up to no good. i had long expected is ouster by the former president after the outcry against him by men of timber and caliber -Gawehinmi etc,- who love this our great country. In this instance, justice delayed was not justice denied. his demotion, i believe is far humiliating than an outright removal.
Nice work, Goodluck! U must really be a 'goodluck' to Nigeria, and a 'badluck' to those trying to rape her. Keep it up, coz u might be up there longer than u think.
The mighty God of Heaven shall grant Goodluck good wisdom to relief those that will pollute and defile his administration.
Just in a twinkling of an eye, Baba is removed. Truly hope has come to Nigerians.
Lets hold him in our daily prayers.
Nice Post......


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