this is the country that i know that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting can a one man be driving a car of 20 million naria and that is the progress of about 20 other poor people ..................some even have different kind of cars ...........look this country is a prison ..............tell me where a common man will start from ......when there is no light,no good road,no good food..........only nigeria i know that one cant eat the way it surpose to eat ..........what a rubbish and useless leaders will have people have failed this country ...............i stand for the truth and i will always stand for the truth

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You made a good point but, the truth is what have you done for the country, we cannot keep on blaming our leaders while we are standing by and watch them destroy us and the country. Let us start to voice out their wrong doings to the world and we will see the changes. We are all afraid to fight or die and they sea this weakness in us and they continue to do whatever they want... steal, kill and so on. Let us all start to organize community groups in every local area throughout the country and we will see the changes. These changes will only come from us not our leaders. Thanks.
Unless nigeria government critically fight corruption this country would continue to rotten. The man who is driving a car worth 20million how much is his salary? Corruption should be fought from grassroot to the apex. I wonder what would happen in the next five years if things continue in this way!!
This is the only country where corruption is conspiciuosly displayed and acceptable.
If I may suggest nigerians should consider fighting corruption as a major project..../.
To say that Nigeria is a prison break is an overstatement. Nigeria is a presipitation. Nigeria is a failure>
Nice Post......


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