Nigeria have reach a stage of given Free Education to students that are willingly to study not students that are. This points is been drawe from the public opinions of Nigeria Free Education {NFE}. Can Nigeria have or practice free education? And In what limite?

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It is possible if we have commited leaders.
Free education is possible in Nigeria with sincere and committed leaders in charge.  But Parents should also be part of their children's education since free education at all levels will  encourage population increase as parents, who will feel relieved of the educational burden will invest the energy in making more babies..
Nigeria is moving closer age of Free Education, if our leaders can practics a really meaning of Democracy which involued the government and it citizens. The most primitive problem we are having now is Boker Harm. Do you support the agender of Boko Harm? If yes why? And in what limite have you reach? To support them?.
Nigeria Free Education is non-governmental organziation that is mape out to provide free access education to Nigeria citizen. Why do we call NFE non-government organziation? is because since Nigeria government have failed in providing access education to it citizens. You can reach...

I don't know. Feel really depressive about the educational system all over the world. Seems the whole world is corrupt and people care only about their own money. But if you see real improvements I am really glad. 


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