"Welcome to Lagos", a documentary aired by the bbc worldwide is a selfish betrayal of the bbc to potray Nigeria and its people as slump scavengers. Its downgrading and destroying our international reputations. I think we deserve apology from the BBC for this evil act.

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Hi Balogun

I think you are over reacting..!
Why can't we face the reality.. and call a spade a spade..
No apology is need ... What BBC Showed is a reality..
All over the world there are Scavengers.. All depends on Ones perspective..
Please wake up.. from your Dream
I appreciate what you are trying to express; but come to think of it, the programme was a 3 series episode. Part 1 to 3. One would expect that the story be told in a systematic pattern starting from the slump and at least ending showing some good part of Nigeria. We are not that bad are we?

This documentary as it stands today might eventually discourage investors coming aboard to boost our economy.

We need builders not destroyers.
why do u think u deserve an apology?
the documentary was spot on. all are facts, there should no pretence of it.
with the rate of looting we are seeing in these country perpetrated by our so called leaders.
this country should be able to pay unemployment benefits and medicals for the aged if the resources available to this is managed well. but millions of people are starving to death in the midst of plenty only share by criminals we call politicians nd so called leaders.
You all have a very brilliant idea which I quite agree that is the Lagos we all know. No hide and seek about it. Now the reality is this; in the developed world like USA, UK, Germany, France etc, many poor people do live and sleep rough on the streets, uncompleted buildings, under the bridges and tunnels to mention but a few. The question is "how many of those footage in form of documentary has been aired to the world? May be none. They always try to potray their countries as the best in the world to boost tourism while downgrading others like us. Look at the effort of China taking a prescise action against how their the country is potrayed to the world- is it working for them? Yes. Lets love our country and fight every evil to destroy us.
If the BBC want to expose the odds of our society, they should help us publish the names of policians that stole money and deposit in a foreign bank- will they do that? I dont think so. May be because after some years and nobody comes forward to claim them, the money becomes theirs. Lets think again and help ourselves.
You are what you say you are.


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