Vanguard monday 08/11/10  must have come as a shock to many of us.what has happened to Nigeria economy over the last 3years? we all know the effort of the OBJ government to sort out our debt.can any one tell me how we got back to this situation

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well, wat do u expect, when wat all our leaders know is how to pass ds or dat bill into law to suite them nd dr families, its such a pity to see how worse our situation has become. D question here is dat ds huge sum of money, wat was it used for dat we can see.
Nigeria debt burden will always be on the rise unless we get out of the quagmire of corruption,unemployment,lack of industries because there are no means of concretely saying what we produce as a nation apart from crude oil that gives us petrodollars.Debt is not a bad thing in so far as it is used as a means fostering production.But in our case it spells a little more than that.More of an unaccountable government.


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