Dependable means relied on a particular source for a needs,Independable implies non- relieable,confident to do ur own things without needing help,freedom to own and form a body. From dis definition given so far, it's so simple to quantify that,nigeria as a country so called is still at kindergarten if to be compelled to other developing countries of the world that is @ 50 random. It's only in nigeria among all the developing countries, that a common cann't boost of one dollar per day. It's also in nigeria that all the outdoor and indoor commodities are been imported even tooth-pick are been imported. It seems we are coursed by british colonialism, it's a sacrilege/abomination. May God help us through this new administration that hv already mount and attributed a positive change in the life of nigerians in a twincle of eye. We shall survive all this hurdles.

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