Is nigeria really becoming an irelevant country in the world,our name is really been insulted pls what do u think.

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Nigeria is still very much relevant.... as a case study for failed attempts at governance, education, health and infrastructural development. Good thesis for a PHD in Nigerian matters.
our leaders,the people we are looking up to has to know what they are sent there to do.and also we all must put heads togetter to stop corruption if we love our nigeria
well musa if u dont know b4 know it now tht name nig-----------b4 u add eria the nest wheit man close to u have start to check his bag or even run even if he dont hv legs he can borrow only to get out of the place be we are bad egges now we are wast egges but dont say i say sooooooooooooooo
pls stop saying nasty things about your country if somebody did something bad are you that person? It is a quation of me and you to change our habit, our characters. always give good impression about yourself and your country. Infact there is no dab person in this country. The American are they not doing worst than what other country are doing. pls Musa don't listen to anybody
Nice Post......


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