In my town people refuse to go and cast their vote. Why? Even we vote our votes can not be considered, so let them appoint their candidates as that of the presidential election. Interview conducted by me.

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U don't do a thing like that in the whole world even America have not had it 100% free & fair so now we are trying to make a different in Africa why will u still believe in the past? Please tell them to go & vote u never know maybe u will have the opportunity tn become a president one day

You need to encourage your brothers and sisters to vote. Independent Observers stated that the election was predominantly free and fair by african standard. Buhari did not win, does not mean that is the end. Help the President build a viable Nigeria for all. If he does not perform vote him out in the next election. There is no time for ethnicities or religious sentiments. No one tribe is born to rule. Nigeria belongs to all. We need nation  builders not thieves. Look at the length and breadth of the nation and tell me if there are visible development for the vast resources wasted over the years.

Tribe has nothing to do with decent human being. What we have in Nigeria are vultures that uses the vulnerability of its citizens as a weakness to exploit to its fullest. Crude oil prices goes up all over the world, the arabs and other oil producing countries are getting richer and diversifying into other areas. Nigeria thieves carry on looting with impunity.

This is your chance to have a new Nigeria, if you failed to use it dont berate others. Let them make the decision.
Your people need enlightenment.  It is only when they exercise their civic rights and vote for a candidate of their choice that change will come.


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