Finally, Anthonia E Zion releases the exciting and inspirational music video to her hot & trending hit single, titled: YAHWEH.


Yahweh may be a melodious praise song that celebrates the presence, goodness and faithfulness of God within the lives of believers. it’s infused with rich afrobeat vibes which will get you dancing and singing from the primary kick.

Talking on the the song, Anthonia shares:

…Anthonia E Zion talking on the hit song – Yahweh.

YAHWEH is our everything. Without HIM, we are nothing in this world of uncertainty. Let us all draw near to HIM and HE will draw near to us, help and comfort us.

This song is a song of praise which acknowledges YAHWEH’S LORDSHIP over my life. HE is my everything and without him, I am nothing.

If you agree with me, why not join me and praise HIM with the understanding that HE is LORD over you and all that you are.”

Watch Video and Read More: Good Music Africa

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