Do Nigeria still have recognizable judicial system?, does it still have the jurisdiction and power to prosecute any corrupt fat cats?. From all indication, the country judicial system have lost the power, the credibility and the jurisdiction to prosecute anyone corrupt individuals except pocket pickers in Oshodi bus stops. While OBJ is resting comfortably in his otta farm, iBB living opulently in his Minna mansion, and Abacha family enjoys on backdrop of hard working and suffering Nigerians, now egocentric corrupt legislators and well connected individual feels the sweet arms of non prosecutorial judiciial system should also extended to them. To them, they deserves immunity of prosecution by the nation corrupt judicial system. "Waooo" is it not amazing that now the judges have to plead to criminal legislator like HAMZE and his accomplices to mount the court dock just to show their faces as sign of respect for the corrupt judge and the judicial system. "Am not going to allow any prosecution just mount the dock to register your presence". These criminals so emboden by the corrupt system that they refuse to mount the dock, after all, who is the judge?  Do you blame them? why should a culprit corrupt judge in a corrupt court be respected by criminals when they are all members of the corrupt system. why should they respect the system when corruption is the quickest avenue to political celebrity and free profiling, why should they respect the system when criminals dine and wine with the corrupt system overseers.

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This is simple, our politicians as well as our judges are all foxes and it is not possible for a fox to judge a fox.

Yes our judicial system is corrupt but I think it is a reflection of the entire society.  Corruption is the bane of our country.


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