when will Nigerians stop the act of corruption,we are blaming the president for not have solve the power problem,but i tell you NEPA worker are the worst corrupt people i have ever met,when the pre-paid metter was introduce,they went about preaching that the metter is not good,.up to three years the prepaid metter have been in use not,Nepa have not upgrade their computer so that you can buy your unit any NEPA offices.if you are buying from mr A,you keep on buying from mr A,if you go and buy from mr B in the same office you will be told that you are oweing,unless you buy from where you bought the last time,i went to NEPA office to buy Unit for my metter man the crowd i met there more than one thousand people,i ask what is the matter i was told that before i can buy unit i must register my meter first before i can buy unit, NEPA now form another section for the registeration of the meter,when see the crowd of people fighting to register their meter.i have been they for two weeks now but i cant register my meter talkless of buying units,The question iam asking why cant them register you as they are selling to you, i was told HA OGA YOU NO WANT THEN BUY NEW MOTOR CAR?,the corruption have eaten them so deep that if you want quick service you give then One thousand naira as bribe.WHY NEPA.

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