Heart disease in all forms is a killer disease that needs to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, there is little or nothing that can be done with conventional drugs to remedy the situation.

I had never envisaged having a heart problem till August 2018. When I suffered irregular heart beat. Medically known as arrhythmia.

Because of my experience with GreenLife Herbal Products due to arrhythmia I suffered about a year ago. I thought it necessary to share this experience with others suffering from any heart disease or any other form of disease that defies conventional drugs.

It's also sad that lives of people, who could have been saved with well researched natural health products die daily. Due to the notion we have nurtured amongst us that herbal drugs are no good. This is a result of the long term reliance on conventional drugs and processed foods. Which cause more harm to the human body than good.

Please note that I'm writing this article out of experience. I'm not trying to talk about someone somewhere. This is not an exaggeration. It's a fact.

This is my personal experience and I've taken time to compile this information in a post on my blog. Click on the link to read and share to create awareness. Perhaps, you could help save a life by sharing.

Click on Natural Remedy for Heart Disease

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