My area has been bombarded with security men since yesterday,all because of election,but do u believe its gonna be free and fare indeed..,.......?

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Hope you have all gone 4 accreditation???
We ready 2 start voting,out of 878 registered,197 has been accredated 2 vote in my line.kano state,fagge LGA,Dabo sec sch,EC30A POLLING STATION
I am mustapha from katsina a L.G funtua. We just start voting over here and every thing is alright. It seems like the election will be free and fair election. Any way, i wil be back to update u.
So lets just kp our fingers cross and wait 4 d result.
So far there had bn reportd cases of ballot box snatching ,bt we thank God that its few and they've bn apprehended.
Yeah,so far so good.
Nigeria made it at last,a fare election........
And it look as if ACN swept all d Nass post in d S/WEST region.
Peaceful.  Security was really necessary to forestall violence.


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