In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing the public will benefit from a judgment or the rationale behind the judgment that will arise from the suit against Saraki and Dogara; if any at all, another Senator and/or HoR member may take what another had taken before.

Some (forgetting that politics is a game of numbers, more so, an election) may rightly argue that, at the very least, it will be a precedent to deter such Machiavelli -like action in the future, I think NO. What really needs to be learnt is for our public officials to be officious, not to double book their time and keep sentiments away from official business. For me, the President cannot be right to fix a meeting at almost the same time as an engagement he does not have influence over. (recalling the autonomy between the executive and the legislative arms of government).

Therefore, particularly in pursuant to the interest of CHANGE, the NBA and the NJC should sit up and not allow our laws to be made mockery of by allowing vexatious litigation to distract us from the more important restructuring our nation deserves. A public policy and/or public interest test should be carried out before, if at all, the threat of war is to be taken further.

What we need to see is the conduct and candor of Gbajabiamila as displayed when he introduced a point of order which necessitated a motion on the floor of the House to be amended; one could notice thereafter that Dogara’s mind and the gavel he held where not working together.

Until the principal officers are changed, if need be, let Nigeria and Nigerians benefit from the acts of the 8th National Assembly.

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