Security agency are meant to enforce law and order in the jurisdiction of their authorize area, enforcing with high level of expertise and respect to humanity .But in the case of our naija police its different ,is it simply because of the salary structure that is not encouraging or the high degree level of i don't care that is put up by the authority that are meant to oversee the activity of  the agency that are busy collecting return of roger the patrol team do despite the agitation and the yarning of the populace the task force that are to check and balance the activity the agency are just there  been negligent of the there duty,can you ever believe what happen to day on my way to work i saw i mobile police man holding his gun an A k 47 and in the another hand a big bottle of spirit, and the other police guy holding a cup of local gin called paraga and before we say jack Robinson i shot want off ,everybody going about their daily business took cover for their life even me myself had to dock by a danfo for my dear life i was shaking till i get to work before i could calm down please our police guys you people are trying but put more caution when holding your guns please stray bullet abeg oooo.when you hold gun 1 hand,drink 2nd hand  why now..........  

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You should not bring this kind of issue because, Naija has no police. We are looking forward to seing when Jonathan will commission police department in Naija as he has commissioned his advisers. So do not talk of what does not exist. Police does not exist in Nigeria and should not be discoursed in this forum. Let us focus on the issues that exist.
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