By Sola OGUNDIPE - Vanguard
FOR contravening the tenets of safety and hygiene compliant with Good Hygienic Practices (GHP), the fast food outlet of Tetrazzini Foods Ltd located at National Arts Theatre Iganmu Lagos has been shut.

Officials of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) who ordered the closure of the outlet, said the general sanitation of the premises was very appalling.

The NAFDAC team from Establishment Inspection Directorate (EID) Lagos Special zone on routine inspection were shocked to discover that the environment was dirty, unkempt and unsuitable for food processing, the kitchen, the chicken cutting room, the bakery were broken  had not been washed  for a long time.”

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Poisoned food and poisoned lives. Those tantalizing aroma could come from dirty kitchen? How deceptive and easily deceived our senses are. Many thanks to NAFDAC.
NAFDAC you have been a bleesing to this country i am encouraged that with your stand people will get up and do things right on their own one day. i value your steadfastness ,hit your hammer to whomever is found wanting .many thanks
NAFDAC is doing nice job. Although I can't say what prompted the officials to visit Tetrazinni, I want NAFDAC to do same to the so call fast food which is posting lots of health hazard and eye-sore to the populace.
First and foremost, thank to you Sola Ogundipe, well, i am propmtly please and honor to use this opportunity to express my opion towards the dirty game of Tetrazzini Foods Ltd which located at National Arts Theatre Iganmu Lagos . Firstly, to what i see and wht i know about Tetrazzini Foods Ltd is tthat hey are just food making machine money and killer like others who enrich themselve quickly by selling dirty poisonous foods that is not hyginenic to the citizen like chinese does on Milk products in China in 2009 but they were all brought to justice under the law of China . In a nutshell, the job of NAFDAC in Nigeria today is very important and then NAFDAC too must educate nigerians via TV, Radio, Distribution of NAFDAC pamhet programm to all Industries and small scale business and then i urge we nigerians to support and value their programme by backing and encourage them because they still have much to do in that country . I am using this medium to call on the NAFDAC team and the rest of nigerians to please checkemate the so call Lebanon , Indian and Chinese whom are residing in Nigeria . God Bless Nigeria...Amen ! Thanks
For Campaign for Migrants Rights(C-M-R)Worldwide.
Abdul-ganiu.Olamilekan Cole
TEl : 00212655866156

I quote..." If you want peace...Work for Justice" Pope Paul VI
SW Radio Africa (London)

Zimbabwe: UN Refugee Agency Accused of 'Xenophobia' over Migrants
Alex Bell
12 February 2010

A refugee rights group in South Africa has accused the United Nations refugee agency of 'xenophobia,' for not affording Zimbabwean refugees the same treatment as other refugees in South Africa.

The group, People against Suffering, Suppression, Oppression and Poverty (PASSOP) has this week said that Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa are victims of a form of 'selective assistance' by organisations meant to help them. The group's Braam Hanekom said that these organisations, often funded or mandated by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), have refused to help Zimbabweans, who have been accused of being 'opportunistic.' Hanekom said, because Zimbabweans are usually classed as 'economic migrants,' they are not afforded the same rights as other refugees. He said such prejudice is "just another form of xenophobia."

Hanekom further accused the UNHCR of being deliberately 'malicious' towards a group of Zimbabweans still living in a refugee camp in the Western Cape. Last year, almost 2000 Zimbabweans from the De Doorns farming town were forced to flee their homes after angry locals went on the rampage, burning down shacks belonging to foreigners. The Zimbabweans fled to a makeshift refugee camp that was set up to house them, but more than three months later than camp is still at full capacity.

Research by migration experts has recently shown how the 'humanitarian nature' of the exodus of Zimbabweans to neighbouring Southern African countries has blurred the distinction between a 'refugee' and an 'economic migrant.' According to a report released late last year by the Forced Migration Studies Programme at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, Zimbabweans fit neither category perfectly and instead fall between the cracks.

Relevant Links
Southern Africa
International Organisations
"Official responses to Zimbabwean migration in Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique are still premised on this distinction, and so are failing to protect both Zimbabweans and [their own] citizens," noted Zimbabwean Migration into Southern Africa: New Trends and Responses, a report released last December. The report detailed how those crossing the border were not refugees as most did not even apply for refugee status while, given the extent of economic collapse in Zimbabwe, were not considered to be 'voluntary' economic migrants either.

"Lack of protection of migrants in the region is based on a false distinction between a forced and an economic migrant, instead of focusing on the real and urgent needs some of these migrants have," the report said.

The report suggested that a better term would be 'forced humanitarian migrants,' who moved for the purpose of their and their dependents' basic survival.
Please comments and forward far and wide. Thanks!
For Campaign forMigrants Rights(C-M-R)Worldwide,
Abdul-ganiu.Olamilekan Cole
Tel : 00212655866156
good job
I must commend NAFDAC for their action. They should please carry mystery shopping/snap check on other eateries not only in Lagos but other big cities in Nigeria.Thank you for saving lives of innocent Nigerians.
NAFDAC is doing a good job and must be commended
Do you know there are thousands of fast foods like this?It's a pity that those who live on fast food are writing of a substantial part of their lives and they don't know this.
Do you know there are thousands of fast foods like this?It's a pity that those who live on fast food are writing off a substantial part of their lives and they don't know this.
This is what is expected of them. There is nothing special about this discovery because this is the duty to which the have accepted to perform.

The general public should be aware. It is not all that glitters that is gold. Beware of these highly decorated junk food arenas, what you see outside is not always what is in the inside. Look before you leap or leap before you look, choose which ever suite you.

The general public most assist the NAFDAC by reporting to them when they see such despicable things in such and similar places. They can not do it alone.

Thank you.
Well! I can only say it's a welcome development as regards health and safety practices in the food industry in Nigeria. However, we shouldn't be fooled by the punishment meted out to Tetrazini. All bottling companies in Nigeria must be made to bottle their products in disposable containers which they in return could recycle and and refine into freshly made bottles as well. The ilks of Coca-Cola and the likes have been poisoning Nigerians for ages and we are left with no choice but to consume their products whether we like it or not.
My last visit to NIgeria was smeared with the experience I had in a Beer Parlour where I was served a bottle of bottle that only had stale water inside it. Infact the bar tender was gonna tell me to pay for it until I showed him the brutal side of me, only then he realized I wasn't joking. In the developed world, Nigeria Breweries would have made me a rich man if going by the aruments my lawyer is gonna put up in the court of law.
Once again, thumbs up NAFDAC but more still needs to be done.


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