(An epistolary novel to the aspiring presidents and the nation)

 [I seek almighty God's refuge against satan.] As youth (Ideal Youth Realist Network (IYRN)) amongst great people in great nation and on behalf of great
minds, my works centre to one goal, to convey the messages of the Holy Books to
we people of Nigeria and thus to encourage us to think about basic
faith-related issues, such as the existence of God, His unity and the
hereafter, and to remind ourselves of some important issues about national
clauses and strike while the iron is hot for national consensus.
Perhaps, we are naive, but we hope that, the negative
influences of religion, tribe or party which create or aggravate conflicts, can
be reduced, and the positive influences of religion, tribe or party which
eliminate or attenuate conflicts can be promoted......

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We are suffering in Nigeria because we allow it.A lot of our people are poor so it is easy to manipulate them.We must always remember that that there is nothing to fear except fear itself.Our past wicked leaders saw this in time and used it to further rub our faces in the mud.We Nigerians must take a stand and change the system.Simple but not that easy to do.Everything worth doing is worth doing well.It is always more difficult to build than to destroy and due to a combination of factors including but not restricted to poverty,illiteracy,spiritual indolence and bad and wicked or stupid interpretation of our religious books,we now turned out to be products of a defective and devilish system to be used and abused by ANYONE who wishes to do so.There is a lot of injustice in Nigeria and because of this,we will never ever have peace because there is never a situation where there is peace without justice.


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