My wedding is this month & I'm scared to tell my fiancé about my 3 kids — Pregnant woman

A woman (not as same in photo)  who planned to tie the knot later this month (November) has this story to share.

Tylenol could be risky for pregnant women – a new review of 25 years of research finds acetaminophen may contribute to ADHD and other developmental disorders in children

She claimed to have three other kids before now, which is against the knowledge of her fiancé.

Their wedding is slated for November 27 but her fear is, how is she going to let the cat out of the bag before the D-day?

Read her story below;

"My traditional marriage is on the 27 of this month (November), I still have had no courage to tell him about my 3 other children. I am pregnant I am scared he will leave me if he find out that I have 3 other children, I love him so much he is my everything on earth and I am scared to loose him.

"I don't want to end up single with 5 children. But sometime I feel sad I cry at night and I just don't know what to do because the guilt is so much." 

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